Change just one word and become a better boss, communicator, problem solver

When things go wrong, the first question people ask is 'why?'. Why didn't you finish the report? Why did we lose that client? Why did the structure cave in?
Obviously, this question is asked so that the root of the problem can be identified and preventative measures can be taken, but it is a totally wrong question to ask.
'Why?' leads to a lot of finger pointing, lies, misdirections and all manner of other time wasting activities.
Before you know it, you're sidetracked, lost in excuses and complaints, bogged down in people's quarrels and ego trips.

A far better question to ask is 'How?'.
How can we make sure you finish your reports on time from now on? How can we prevent losing clients in the future? How can we make structures that never cave in?
Because that is what you ultimately want - to avoid the bullshit and get the results as quickly as humanly possible.

So don't waste your time on retribution and punishments, don't get engaged with people's egos, don't ever ask 'Why?' - it's the long and the hard way to get the results you want.
Instead, catch the express by asking 'How?' and get there faster, easier and with minimal effort.
Try it for a few days in your own workplace with your colleagues, subordinates, suppliers, clients - everyone.
You will become a better boss, a better communicator and a better problem solver - I guarantee it!

Try this on your family members - it'll do wonders for your relationships.

To your continued success,

Alik Barsegian,
FPA Consulting